Predictive EHS

Sentree provides an AI layer on top of all your modules to forecast and predict your module parameters. In addition, two key AI engines pull in data from all your HSSE operations to drive forecasts and predictions.

KPI Prediction Engine

Sentree’s KPI Prediction Engine analyses comprehensive EHS data across your locations to predict and notify your team of any discrepancies in your KPI’s.

  • Set KPIs across your company
  • Timely alerts for discrepancies in KPIs
  • Sentree’s KPI Prediction Engine forecasts possibilities of anomalies in your KPIs

Incident Risk Analysis AI Engine

Sentree’s Incident Risk Analysis AI Engine predicts and notifies your team of high risk activities and locations across your organisation.

  • Sentree’s Incident Risk Analysis AI engine forecasts future incidents in your locations.
  • Prediction for high-risk locations.
  • Prediction for future incident types.
  • Forecasting future incident occurrence timelines.