Predictive EHS platform

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Sentree AI is an easy to use SaaS Platform to manage your organization’s HSSE goals. The platform provides an all-in-one solution for all your HSSE needs. Leverage the power of AI to forecast and predict your HSSE operations.

Featured Modules

Predictive EHS

Sentree’s KPI Prediction Engine analyses comprehensive EHS data across your locations to predict and notify your team of any discrepancies in your KPI’s.

Sentree’s Incident Risk Analysis AI Engine predicts and notifies your team of high risk activities and locations across your organisation.

Key Benefits and Functionalities

Enjoy the advantage of a SaaS platform provides a scalable and fault-tolerant platform for your critical EHS needs.

Role-based access across your organisation

Structure your company’s regions and locations with role-based user access.

Customisable dashboards and views

Choose your visualisations, trends and notifications customised to your company needs.

Intuitive user workflow

Drive engagement within your company with pre-built intuitive workflows.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Siloed and filterable reports and trends available across your company.

Support whenever you need it

Our team is available whenever needed to deploy and drive successful engagement.

Experience Sentree AI

Easy to deploy and use SaaS Platform to empower your team to achieve and manage your EHS goals. Contact us to get started.